HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 21st July

Food glorious food, it keeps you fat, fit, healthy and alive. As they are all good things, we thought we’d lay out a smorgasbord of some of the finest foodular offers around at the moment.

As ever, the feast has been prepared by the ranting bargain-chefs who lurk moodily in the HotUKDeals kitchens. Bon appetite.

First up is the chance to attend a crayfish party at your local Ikea store. Instead of wandering around their furniture maze praying for a quick death, you could be scoffing crayfish, non-alcoholic pear cider and snapps, all to the sound of live traditional Swedish music.

With adult tickets starting as low as £5.95, find out more about how you can get into the hottest crayfish party in town by clicking on the link.

Next comes an opportunity to save money on some delicious Mexican food at your local Chiquito restaurant. We’re talking tacos, fajitas, burritos, chilli and jam tarts with nettles stuck in the crusts. Mmmm!

There’s 25% off if you follow the instructions hidden away in the post over at HotUKDeals. Jam tarts with nettles stuck in the crusts may not be available at all restaurants.

Finally, if you prefer good old fashioned English food, you can work up an appetite by jumping up and down on the spot, throwing out a few star jumps and roaring like a deranged lion.

That’s because there’s an offer on Pot Noodles at the moment, with two of the delicious, pot-shaped, noodle-flavoured culinary abortions delights available for just one pound. If that doesn’t impress you, your palate must be made out of denim.

(deals found by HUKD members kudos1uk, mrbojangles and munva)

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  • acecatcher3
    i dont eat cray fish and everything at ikea is flatpacked and im no good at making things so thats out of the question. im currently cutting in my gym regime so takeaway food is out of the question. never liked pot noodles, doubt they are very good for u either. however andy what u should have included was the "my- warehouse £50 off a £100 spend" coupon thatl come in very handy!

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