HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 21st December

hukd_logob1Christlemas is almost upon us but there’s still plenty of bargains to be had and here at Bitterwallet, we won’t rest until we’ve told you about ALL OF THEM. So here’s three more.

If you like the cut of their jib, get over to HotUKDeals, where there’s plenty more like these ones…

831820_1As Britain quivers in the icy grip of one of the most vicious cold snaps since witches’ tits were invented, many of us are turning to the traditional hot water bottle to stop our extremities from dropping off once we’ve retreated to our beds.

What could be finer than making that harsh, rubberised Walter Hottle Bottle into a cuddlier, cosier item. A nice soft cover for it, that looks like Tigger, that’s what. One that you can also keep your pyjamas in. BANG – only £4.00.

832456_1From Tigger, we move effortlessly on to one of our other favourite subjects – hard liquor. It’s a ‘Two for £25.00’ offer that includes some of mankind’s finest creations in the arena of tough booze.

The one that has caught the attention of the HotUKDeals pissheads though has been the Jack Daniels that is part of the offer. Two 70cl bottles will be yours for £25, which is what we like to call a Boozy Bargain.

832230_1Finally, a console game – a classic from the 1990s that has be reimagined for the Nintendo Wii. We speak of course of Goldeneye, the Bond-based caper that is a hit the second time around, like Take That or Gary Glitter (before he went to jail).

Anyway, it’s late and we’re tired, so £17.99 delivered, okay? It’s probably sold out by now anyway…

(deals found by HUKD members Lindteecork, andyinyorkshire and britbabe007)

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