HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 21st April

Citizen, it’s time to strap on your helmet again and brace yourself for another bargain attack – that’s because it’s the time of day when we bombard you with some of the biggest savings out there in the consumer kingdom… all with the help of HotUKDeals.

Listen, if there’s a better chocolate bar out there than Wispa, we’d love one of you to come round to the Bitterwallet HQ with a few hundred packs of the stuff, melt some of it, smear it in our faces, then leave us to be alone for a while.

Now you can get your Wispa fix on the cheap, with a pack of five bars available for just one single, solitary pound. That’s right, a pound coin for a whole day’s supply of chocolatey Wispa magic. The offer starts tomorrow so you’d better get up early.

Some call it Wifebeater, while others refer to it more simply as just ‘the wife’ – as in, “I’m just having a quiet night in with the wife – there’ll be no beating; well, maybe just a little.” It is of course Stella Artois, the Belgian booze we all love to love.

Here’s a deal where you can lay your quivering fists of 24 330ml cans of the stuff for a more-than-tasty tenner. That’s right, they’re the stumpy 330ml cans, so if you’re the type of hillbilly who likes shooting empty cans off the top of your garden fence with an air rifle, you’ll have to try that bit harder with these ones. Mind you, you won’t have drank as much so you won’t be as skittled on it so it’s swings and roundabouts really.

Finally, a bargain that probably also belongs in our irregular ‘In The Shops Now’ featurette. It’s for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter – you can choose from £1.15 for one tub or £1.00 for two. Take your pick folks.

If you don’t want to eat the second tub, you can use it to (a) grease a weasel, (b) enhance your quiff or (c) keep some fridge pencils upright in it. Because we’ve all got our favourite pencils that we like to keep chilled, right kids??

(deals found by demolisher, love2shop84 and zedf)

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