HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 20th September

new hukd logo Cor blimey – look at this. It’s a round up of some of the bestest bargains from the HotUKDeals farm over the past 24 hours or so. Suck it up you beautiful bunch!

1020138_1Let’s face it – it’s hard to even REMEMBER life before the Harry Potter movies isn’t it? Was life really in black and white before we all became enraptured by the antics of Harry, Herbert, Orange Colin, Pussycat Gethseamane, The Judge and Rock-A-Doodle Dodds? Possibly.

Anyway, you can now revel in the majesty of the whole shebang by investing in a Blu-ray collection of ALL of the Harry Potter movies. Best of all, it’ll only set you back £32.30 if you use the ‘special code’ and you could bring that down to £29 if you cast a cashback spell as well.

1019905_1Speaking of complete and utter rubbish, have you been thinking that it’s time to get yourself a new kitchen bin lately? After all, even the rats have been leaving notes saying that your current one isn’t fit for purpose. What does THAT tell you?

Maybe you should fork out £7.99 and get yourself this one – the 45 litre roll-top kitchen bullet bin. It’s 69cm high and 39cm in diameter. If the rats don’t like that, it’s THEM that’s got the problem and not you.

1020213_1Finally, from a load of old rubbish to something that might be rubbish in parts, but might not be. And if it is, at least you’ll be somewhere where loads of stuff is great. If it wasn’t already obvious, you’ll know that we’re talking about 14 nights in Orlando.

You can get that right now for the measly price of £389 if you’re lucky, and that includes flights and accommodation. There’s some debate on the HUKD forums about the quality of said accommodation, but screw that – you’ll be too busy fannying about on the rides and eating ice cream and pressing the flesh with Mickey Mouse to worry about all that sort of thing.

(deals found by HUKD members michaelcanning, imsraj and shunikhanom7)

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