HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 20th January

Deals Of The Day is going on a journey today. It’ll take in the Far East, a supermarket and an ailing catalogue store. It’s all with the help of HotUKDeals.

Along the way there’ll be a variety of tastes, smells and textures. By the end of it, you’ll be ready for your bed, but not in a sexy way (unless vegetable oil gets you going.)

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Morrisons have slashed the prices on various Chinese-style food and drink stuffs. These include ready meals, prawn crackers and rickshaws. Except, of course, for rickshaws.

The bestest of the bargains is the 4-pack of Tiger Beer (330ml) – they could be chilling in your fridge after you’ve handed over just £2 for a pack. There’s a maximum of 6 per customer so don’t forget to take a series of elaborate disguises and an array of hard-to-spot fake voices. And a van.
(deal found by Train Driver)

If you’re looking for a cheaper way of running the aforementioned van, why not get into the murky, semi-legal world of biofuels, specifically vegetable oil.

Your motor will smell like a chip shop, people will point and laugh at you and you’ll wish you’d bought one of those cheap rickshaws from Morrisons that don’t exist instead. But if that doesn’t put you off, you can get 20 litres of vegetable oil for £7.50 by going here.
(deal found by gemmar26)

If you’re planning on a new lifestyle incorporating gross misuse of vegetable oil and heroic quantities of Tiger Beer, then you’ll probably need to invest in a couple of new duvet sets.

Handily, Argos are doing a buy-one-get-one-free on duvet sets of all shapes and sizes. They’re not spectacular but they’ll fit the bill if the above paragraph applies to you or if you own a greasy lodger or enjoy stripping and reassembling motorbikes on your bed. Which more people than you’d imagine actually do.
(deal found by Adnan786)


  • Mike H.
    Shit lads, I'm off to Morrrisons...
  • Andy
    ^Nah, you're just a douche who shares my name.
  • Andy
    *Was referring to a now deleted post :P Saw that Tiger beer in Morrisons yesterday. I'd buy it if it was nice (its not) but its still an amazing deal if you like it! Instead I capitalised on their 10 Coors Light for £5 :)
  • OFI
    "why not get into the murky, semi-legal world of biofuels, specifically vegetable oil." What's semi-legal about it? It's legal to run on veg oil. Up to the first 2500 litres is even tax free (that's your average driver more than covered in even the most thirsty of cars)

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