HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 1st September

Here’s some of the best bargains from the past 24 hours that have been posted over at HotUKDeals.

Don’t forget – one of these could be part of the big prize bundle in our big Bitterwallet prize giveaway this week. If you haven’t entered yet, you must be either dead or daft.

As we reported last week, the good bakers at Greggs have been awarded the freedom of the city of Newcastle, which probably allows them to urinate over the city’s flower beds without fear of retribution or something.

Even if that isn’t true, the Greggs people are obviously giddy with pride and as a result, are banging out their tremendous Steak Bakes at two for just 99p. You’ll need a voucher to take part – let HotUKDeals be your guide.

One of the UK telly drama highlights of the year was surprisingly hidden away on Sky and might have been ignored by people with taste. That’s because all Sky subscribers are knuckle-dragging morons who rank Justin Lee Collins as the new Magnus Magnusson, right? Maybe.

Anyway, no matter, because the show in question, The Take, is now available in all its completeness on DVD for just £6.99. It’s a brilliant and brutal 80s/90’s family crime story and if had been on BBC2, the media’s tastemakers would still be trumpeting on about it.

Finally, an American-style fridge freezer with more than £100 knocked off its RRP – the Samsung RSH1NHMH (catchy name innit?). It’s available for only £530 at the moment and you could even get a further £21.20 cash back on it.

Oooh, could THIS be one of the prizes in the Bitterwallet big bundle big giveaway thing? Oooh, could be… wait and see people, wait and see…

(deals found by HUKD members *roosterpots*, andywedge and andys131)


  • -Mike H.
    I've put an extra comment in here so I get a chance of wining some BW crap.
  • Hamster b.
    (deals found by HUKD members *roosterpots*, andywedge :( unworthy git and andys131) Force andywedge to bring back his hamster avatar he's cruely disgarded: :) sign to save Hammy hamster
  • -Mike H.
    "Force andywedge to bring back his hamster avatar he’s cruely disgarded" Haw haw haw, you guys over @ HUKD are so funny, it hurts. (elitest wank stains)

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