HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 1st June

hukd_logob1 So then, today we’re putting out fires, stocking up on a load of blank media and trying to figure out the appeal of an iconic British drink.

It's hard to believe (but true) that if it wasn’t for HotUKDeals, we wouldn’t be doing any of those things. Phew.

690733If you’re the kind of person with arsonistical tendencies that are replaced by overriding feelings of guilt the minute you torch something, then here’s something you’ll need by your side at all times. Or, if you’re just an ordinary, safety-conscious individual, it wouldn’t hurt to have one of these as well.

We speak, of course, of a fire extinguisher, and we can point you in the direction of a 6kg dry powder one for only £16.99. We’re not sure what use powder is mind you – everyone knows that the only thing that will put out a fire is GALLONS AND GALLONS OF WATER.

690850Next up comes a bargain that will make your eyes water, especially if you’re the type of person who downloads thousands and thousands of hours of music, movies and other illegal ephemera from the intermaweb.

It’s a pack of 50 DVD- Verbatim recordable DVDs. For just £7.49. That’s 15p per disc. Smashing. Although if you are an illegal downloader, you’re going to hell, where your ass will belong solely to Hitler. And maybe Rasputin.

690558Finally today, a lovely refreshing alcoholic summer drink, as British as biscuits and twice as delicious. Or, depending on your taste, a bottle of puke-inducing dishwater that has been laced with a shot of strong booze in order to make it palatable.

Yes, it’s Pimms o’fucking’clock everyone. And you can bag a litre bottle of the stuff for only £10.00 at the moment. Either hurriedly form a queue or make the fingers-down-the-throat gesture and reach for a proper booze drink instead.

(deals found by HUKD members simate, Hawkings Boots and larry27)


  • Statix83
    mmmmm powder! messy! Powder *could* be used for litterally any fire, wood, petrol, electric, etc but it'll destroy nearby electrical devices, make a mess of any nearby cars and if you breathe it in give you the shits... Generally better off messing about with a CO2 extinguisher :)
  • Brian
  • Brian
    Oh sorry, these wank holidays get my days of the week mixed-up. I'll be back on Friday with the answers to "true or FALSE FALSE FALSE"
  • Nobby
    Powder fire extinguishers are crap. By the time you've found a bucket, mixed it with water and stirred it up, you're house has burnt down. You might as well just fart on the fire.
  • Ows
    Sod that. Go to Aldi and buy "Austins" - their own-brand version of Pimms for £4.99. Get two bottles of lemonade, a bag of oranges, lemons, limes, a cucumber, a punnet of strawberries and a pot of fresh mint too for a few pennies over a tenner... bob's yer uncle, fanny'r yer aunt... it's Austins o'clock.

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