HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 1st February

hukd_logob1Good morning America! Here is your daily wake-up round-up of the best bargains around at the moment. Sadly for you, most of them are UK-specific, so you might as well stop reading this now, even though there are a couple of cowboy references that you might enjoy further down.

All of this and more comes courtesy of the mighty HotUKDeals

866156_1Onions then. Possibly the most versatile of all foods, you can boil ‘em, fry ‘em, roast ‘em (probably) or just eat ‘em raw like the cowboys used to do. But imagine the damage you could do if you had a massive sack full of ‘em…

Imagine no more – that dream could now become a horrible, vile reality. A five kilo sack of onions could soon be in your possession for an unreasonably cheap one pound coin. We think that’s approximately the weight of a small horse, but don’t quote us on it.

865665_1But what to cook the aforementioned onions in? Why a wok of course – you’d be completely off your tits if you even dared to use anything else. All the cowboys swore by them (when they weren’t eating the raw that is).

So be just life Buffalo Bill, Wild Johnny Rep and Alex Hurrican Higgins and do your onions in a wok. You can get one now for only £2.99, made from carbon steel, with a Bakelite handle and a 1mm gauge. Which we assume is something to do with a gun and the shooting of a gun.

865675_1Finally, a game. And not just any old game, but one for the PC system of computing machine. One in the eye for the thousands of you who say we neglect the old-fashioned ‘difference engine’ when it comes to highlighting bargain games.

It’s Need For Speed – Hot Pursuit and it’s only £9.99 – get it while it’s hot! (Apologies for the pun – if indeed there was one.) Coming next week – the best price on the long-awaited Horace And The Spiders for the ZX Spectrum.

(deals found by HUKD members sadsal, shadow1 and doggydoo20001)


  • spider
    Hungry Horace was a cunt.
  • spider
    At least it wasn't Stonkers.

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