HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 17th February

As with yesterday, today’s wallet-friendly bargains are each accompanied by a tricky ‘True Or False’ conundrum. Maybe you’ll know the answer in the blink of an eye, maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t already know, maybe you’ll be taken in by a slyly-written, mischievous lie that we’ve snuck in there.

As ever, all bargains have been dug up from the fertile earth of HotUKDeals… answers at the end of the post.

THE DEAL:  Easter eggs – only £1 each. Click here to find out where and how etc…

TRUE OR FALSE?  Scientist and eccentric billionaire Sir Fergus Muddleton has offered a million pounds to the first person who can turn a chocolate easter egg inside out without cracking or breaking it at all. The offer has stood since 1975.

THE DEAL:  300 Ty-Phoo One Cup Tea Bags for £2.49. 300 cuppas at less than a penny each? Ty-Phew more like! Eh readers? Eh??

TRUE OR FALSE?  Once they realised that the PG Tips monkeys were such a big hit with TV ad viewers, Ty-Phoo came up with their own rival campaign. The ads starred now-disgraced pop star Gary Glitter, who rode around on the back of an ostrich while singing about how cups of tea made him strong.

THE DEAL: A bicycle inner tube puncture repair kit – yours for just 72p. With six patches included, you can drive through as much broken glass as you like without having to worry about a thing.

TRUE OR FALSE?  If all of Britain’s cyclists were tied together on their bikes and they all pedalled at the same time, the amount of power produced would propel them into outer space, through a black hole and back out the other side again. They would land back on Earth in exactly the same place as they’d started but half an hour earlier.

(deals found by colester, andywedge and pistachio)

ANSWERS: All facts are false.


  • -=Mike H.
    Andy, have you been smoking crack again? This is a familiy orientated (Or so we are led to believe) blog, and your smoking crack, now my kids want to smoke crack, thanks!
  • pip
    If you melt, stir and remold an easter egg , does that count. I don't want to waste a whole pound buying one if its against the rules! Anyway i'll be on my bike now, meeting a friend on the other side of the black hole.
  • Yas 8.
    T Bag . . seems typhoo ad campaigns (satchi duo ?) were ahead of the times. .

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