HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 16th March

hukd_logob1 Some days it's unacceptably late, while yesterday it didn’t turn up at all. Today however, it’s early. It is of course, Deals Of The Day.

If you missed it yesterday, we trust you popped over to HotUKDeals and had a look for yourself.

633908We kick off with something that it would be nice to still be welded to this early in the day – a lovely mattress. But not just any old mattress, oh no, this is a Rest Assured Appalachian 1000 ortho mattress no less.

Looking at the picture of it, it looks as though kipping on its 100 individual luxurious pocket springs would be akin to grabbing some shut-eye inside a huge cream cake. And we’d definitely be up for some of that at just £104.99.

633914Next comes a game that has brought a new dimension to the Xbox 360 and PS3. Where Guitar Hero allowed you to become the bloke out of the Kaiser Chiefs or Jimi Hendrix within the confines of your own home, so DJ Hero allows you to become Judge Jules or Bruno Brookes.

And it’s DJ Hero that is on offer here – currently going for only £49.99 for the aforementioned consoles, which for all we know could be more than Bruno Brookes currently makes in a week. Doubt it though – class is permanent.

633934Finally if you were to buy some computer hardware at your local PC World, chances are they’d try and flog you a copy of Norton 2010 for all your anti-viral needs. Take them up on it at the moment and you’d be making a huge mistake.

You can get Norton 2010 along with six months of updates free with the May issue of Computer Shopper magazine – an outlay of only £4.99. There’s even a ‘3 issues for £1.00’ offer on if you’re into that type of thing.

(deals found by HUKD members bigguy20, mshtel and profet)


  • CompactDistance
    ... Antivirus software? Seriously? I haven't paid for it in years.
  • smokinjoe18
    Sleeping on 100 springs would definitely not be as good as 1000 with the ortho matress LOL..
  • cookie
    That's better :)
  • Ed
    If you're paying £4.99 for a copy of Norton, you're being conned out of at least £4.99. You'd have to pay me a lot more than that to stick that shit on any of my machines.
  • Gisela G.
    I've recently been a passionate fan of this website for some time and never truly given nearly anything back, I hope to alter that in the future with an increase of conversation.Thanks for another great inclusion to your web site.

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