HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 16th June

After yesterday’s swaggering macho overload, Deals Of The Day has scrubbed the stale whisky off its tongue before looking itself up and down in the mirror, and realising it’s been an utter disgrace.

So, new day, new outlook. Here’s some stuff that will put you on the path to a higher level of being, all sourced from the garden of earthly delights that is HotUKDeals.

As part of a new campaign aimed at getting slovenly Brits off their festering arses and outdoors into the fresh air, Asda have launched a promotion where they’re selling bikes suitable for everyone (except the bed-ridden and the grotesquely obese) at cost price.

Among them are adult bikes for £70 and kids’ bikes for just £50. Get a piece of that action and you’ll soon be making your way to France and following the riders on Le Tour up Alpe D’Huez – riding with no hands obviously.

Next comes some exercise for the mind – namely Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training for the Nintendo DS. Right now you can get it for just £6.98 delivered, more than £13 off the RRP.

A few sessions under the close eye of the good doctor and you’ll be the new Carol Vorderman, double-handedly professing to be great at sums while gaining extra shillings from advertising loans with nightmarishly high interest rates.

Finally, as we foolishly slated him yesterday and as something a little bit more culturally enriching, we’ve got a 10-CD David Bowie collection. It’s made of double-disc sets of old Lollipop Eye’s last five albums and is just £17.97.

They’re not all classics (although Hours is in our mind) but there’s still more invention and swagger here than you’ll ever, ever get from The Kaiser Chiefs or The Sodding Fratellis so for that money it’s well worth a punt. Why not try before you buy at Spotify?

(deals found by HUKD members andywedge, edi and millarcat)

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