HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 16th December

Ahead of the upcoming festive season, when you can reasonably expect to commit at least five of the seven deadly sins on a daily (bi-hourly?) basis, why not take some time to improve your lifestyle before the gluttony, sloth etc begins?

Go on, just a little bit. With the help of the fine, upstanding citizens from HotUKDeals, we can make it happen. Right, get on the floor and give me twenty. Alright then, ten? Two? Aw, forget it…

To start with, your body is going to take a biblical kicking over the next fortnight with an increased intake of what we can best describe as ‘shite’, so treat it nice for a while and fill it up with delicious, healthy smoothies.

You can bag a top-notch Kenwood SB206 Smoothie Maker for just a tenner if you follow the link… so get on with it, pulp some fruit and tell yourself that you love yourself – even if it’s a blatant lie as there’ll be a heroic amount of chocolate following it down your gullet in the not-too-distant.
(deal found by millarcat)

Next, before the rigours of Yuletide, get wrapped up and get yourself along to Edinburgh Zoo. You can get a free adult ticket with every paid-for children’s ticket this weekend (19-21 December). Bracing winds and frozen fingertips are almost certainly guaranteed.

“But I don’t live within travelling distance of Edinburgh!” I hear you cry. Well that’s your own stupid damned fault isn’t it? As Brian Redhead once said on the Today programme, “Today’s forecast; brighter in the north than in the south… a bit like the people.” Go on then, unleash the floods of protest….
(deal found by HA-WAY-MAN)

Finally, they always say: “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and an ideal way of preparing in case you accidentally set yourself ablaze this Christmas, is to invest in a personal fire extinguisher.

There’s a 1kg powder fire extinguisher with your name on it for just £9.79 if you follow the link. Well, it hasn’t actually got your name on it but you could paint it on yourself once you’ve bought it. Might make it easier to find once you’re cloaked in flames after the Christmas pudding blows up in your face. Or it might not.
(deal found by bobisking)

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