HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 14th October

As ever, here's some fresh deals for you, all plucked from the highest branches of the HUKD bargain tree.


It’s all well and good using this daily space to highlight stuff that’s been reduced from £500 to £200, but what about those of us who are rarely able to rub two tenners together. Today is your day.

First up is a free BiTE discount card, giving you 20% off food and drink at train station outlets. It could be argued that most of those places charge you way above the high street price, a discount’s a discount so what have you got to lose? Huh?

Next comes some advance warning of a blinding deal on Philips energy-saving lightbulbs, namely five of them for 50p. The offer starts next Monday (20th) and if you visit HUKD, you can find out more.

Everyone wins – you save cash, get yourself some lightbulbs that might just last that bit longer than the cheap and nasty ones you probably usually buy, and the environment gets a big thumbs up, meaning fewer penguins die. Brilliant.


Finally, the most expensive of today’s deals, weighing at a penny under an entire tenner. No go on Scrooge, read on, it’s worth digging deep for. It’s a remote-controlled indoor micro helicopter and at that price, if it doesn’t work so good, you could always get your jollies from stamping it into tiny pieces.

To be honest, we’re only really featuring it so that we can show you this video of Russian chess legend and political agitator Gary Kasparov getting buzzed by a similar remote-controlled indoor micro… penis?

What do you think?

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