HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 14th April

Either someone has repositioned all of the keys on our computers here or we’re still pretty sluggish with a hangover from the bank holiday weekend.

Still, a good way for us to get back into our usual routine will be to illuminate the site with some bargains found over at HotUKDeals. That or heroic quantities of gin.

Firstly, if you’re looking for an ultra-low budget laptop, this could be the one for you. It’s a refurbished Medion 15.4" Notebook N9485 and is up for grabs for just £154.98 delivered.

For that kind of price, you can afford to be a little less careful than you normally would with your laptop. You might want to use it as a shield to help you barge through congested, crowded areas or as an impromptu step if you’re looking for height elevation of about three inches. You can play Minesweeper on it as well.

Next, there’s a huge range of 50% off offers at Sainsburys starting from tomorrow morning. Stacks and stacks of half-price groceries – an extensive list can be found here but there’ll be more instore once the promotion kicks off.

Looks like it’ll finally give us an excuse to find out what the hell Quorn tastes like. If it’s as bad as we suspect, there won’t be too much of a loss if it goes straight in the bin – especially as there’ll be a half-price whole duck waiting to take its place on the Bitterwallet canteen table.

Rounding things up, here’s a deal that this writer can recommend wholeheartedly as he’s just leapt all over it like a demented chimp all over a Vauxhall Viva in a drive-thru safari park.

That ropey 70s imagery leads us to a BOGOF deal on Hong Kong Phooey DVDs – two volumes (just under six hours) can be yours for just £5.98 with free delivery. More info here, and you can also take a trip down memory lane (below) with the intro sequence from the show. Probably helps if you’re German mind you…

(deals found by false prophet, 1303 and dvdvicar)

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