HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 13th April

hukd_logob1 Bargains then. Our lifeblood here at Bitterwallet. The air that we breathe. Or reason for living and our gift to you, our gentle reader. So feast yourself on today’s offerings – all brought straight to you from HotUKDeals…

655379If you’ve got politics fever off of all the exciting election build-up, you might be interested in mammoth box set of the American equivalent. It’s called The West Wing and is apparently based on The Flintstones and how characters like Fred and Barney would cope if they were thrust into power.

Or at least that’s what we read on the internet the other day… so it must be true. Anyhoo, you can get the whole West Wing kaboodle on DVD for just £34.99 at the moment – about as cheap as it’s ever been. That’s 120 hours of quality yankee doodle drama.

654767Do you have seven friends? Are you sure? Go on then, name them… thought not. Never mind, it doesn’t need to be a problem, even though we’re here to tell you how you can get seven birthday cards for only £1.00.

If you only have one friend, you can hang on to the cards and give one to the same friend every year for the next seven years. Or if you have no friends, give them to some imaginary ones or a tree or yourself or fucking hell, we don’t care….

654958Finally, a ‘what am I?’ riddle. I have a face but no nose. I have hands but no fingers. I can tell you something but cannot speak. I strap on to your wrist and you refer to me whenever you want to know the bleeding time. What am I?

The correct answer is… a watch! Thanks for playing along. The watch that we’re referring to in this case is a Casio men’s analogue watch with a resin strap and 24-hour time-access facilitation. And it’s only £5.23 delivered. What time is it? BARGAIN TIME!

(deals found by HotUKDeals members millarcat, scm8jet and paddymcn)

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