HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 10th February

Let’s face it - if you haven’t already lost your job by now, you will do pretty soon. So now’s the time to steal a march on the opposition and get a career change. It’s time to fend for yourself, law of the jungle and all that. You’re a tiger… raaaaaahhhh!

With the help of these HotUKDeals bargains, we’ll tell you how you can start up in business by yourself. We’re assuming that you’re hard-working and dedicated and we guarantee you’ll be a millionaire* by the end of the year.

THE BARGAIN: The honest-to-goodness lime. Just 7p each at the moment at Lidl.

HOW IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Get as many of these as you can in the back of your car and head off with your new mobile scurvy-busting business. Get a website ( seems to be up for grabs) and advertise yourself and your magnificent limes. 86% of scurvy sufferers spend their whole day online looking for treatment so you should clean up in a jiffy.

THE BARGAIN:  A Sony DV Camcorder for just £99.

HOW IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE:  Walk around filming everything. It won’t be long before you see something funny that is worthy of being on You’ve Been Framed, thereby earning yourself a tidy £250. Repeat until rich.

THE BARGAIN:  Ragu pasta sauce jars. Two of them for just a pound.

HOW IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE:  Build a costume for a monster/superhero-type character called Plasma Man. Incorporate lots of jet hoses into it and a receptacle in its back where you can store gallons of cheap Ragu. Tour the schools with it as a way of teaching children how blood works while dousing them in your Ragu. You can probably get an Arts Council grant or something.

(Deals found by Cheap_n_Nicety, markhodges1975 and ianmac61. Plasma Man will be appearing in a primary school near you soon.)

*Millionaire promise applies to Zimbabwe dollars only.


  • Joff
    "if you haven’t already lost your job by now, you will do pretty soon" With optimism like that, who's first to get the boot at BW Towers? Smithy? Andy? Vinny? Maybe there should be a reader poll on it! :D
  • jaysexy2122005
    The pasta sauce is a good deal.

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