HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 10th August

hukd_logob1 Hey you! Are you looking to get yourself some action in the new hat stand department? Or watch a film about killer prawns? Or get a few bucks off the price of a brand new instrument of pleasure?

Then you’re in the right place. More bargains good, bad and plain deviant over at HotUKDeals, where there’s never enough car keys for the giant bowl.

735340_1Here at Bitterwallet HQ, there’s no finer feeling than striding into the office every morning and hanging our coats, bowler hats and umbrellas on the BW hat stand, ready for another day in consumer heaven. Then we take turns to print out some of the choicest comments from some of our regular fuck-knuckle contributors and head off to the smallest room, where we put them to good use.

If you’d like a Victorian reproduction Bentwood hat, coat and umbrella stand that’s almost as good as ours, you can get one right now for only £18.95 delivered, down from the RRP of £69.99. And if you’d like to wipe your arse on some of the comments left on this site (or indeed some of the stories), you can do that for free!

735580_1Next, a bargain Blu-ray that will help to bolster your burgeoning collection. It’s District 9 and the action is set in a haunted supermarket where the fresh prawns rise up and take over the whole joint, going on a massive, exciting killing spree. Or something.

Anyhoo, you can pick up a copy of this exciting supermarket-based prawn war extravaganza on the modern-style Blu-ray entertainment system for as little as £6.99 at the moment. Which is an enormous boon – and we’re always on the look out for enormous boons.

735911_1Finally, an offer that is strictly for the grown-ups who enjoy playing with themselves (look, there’s no way we can be subtle or discreet about it so there you go). It’s a ‘Rabbit Amnesty’ and you can trade in your current, worn-out ‘device’ and get a spanking 50% off the price of a new one.

We did a straw poll on this one, and approached the first woman we came across who looked as though she might be ‘gagging’ for ‘it’. After asking her if the rabbit-scrappage deal would be one for her, she replied: “Mine got dumped many moons ago. I usually take the shower head off and hold my finger over the nozzle for different speeds and pressures.” She then politely declined our hasty, spluttered offer of a position as the new Bitterwallet secretary, after which our flustered reporter made his excuses and left. He’s been in the smallest room ever since.

(deals found by HUKD members millarcat, amibees and lottysdad08)

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