HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday January 28th

hukd_logob1 Can you handle high-octane excitement on your TV? Can you handle cheap shampoo and conditioner? Can you handle both? Of course you can’t.

Study these bargains, courtesy of HotUKDeals and make your decision.

594914There’s only once place to start if you’re looking for the hottest of hot deals – you could stick a chop in this one and it would be burned to a crisp within seconds. In fact, Paul is standing by with the Bitterwallet HQ fire prevention kit (a damp tea towel) to come to my aid if the whole site goes up while I type this.

It’s the Matrix trilogy on Blu-ray and the whole damn thing is yours for just £12.95 at the moment. For one of the most visually-stunning sets of films in recent years, that’s a must-buy. Sort of like those records of car sounds that came out when stereos were launched.

594934Next, we’re sticking with the world of audio-visual entertainment and take a step back to the crusty old world of DVD. But what a lot of DVD you’ll get for your cash. It’s the first seven series of 24 along with 24 Redemption, the prequel to series 7.

It's out there for only £79.95 right now and that’s a hell of a lot of episodes of the Jack Bauer Power Hour for your to sit through. If you do it all in one sitting, you will not come out of it as a better person. And that’s a Bitterwallet GUARANTEE!

594654Finally, a heads-up for an offer that could see your barnet looking more lush and lustrous than it ever has before – unless you’re an unfortunate baldy or someone who doesn’t enjoy the tender sensation of washing either their own hair or that of others.

It’s half price on shampoo and conditioner across a wide range of erm, well, shampoo and conditioner, basically. Find out more about this, ahem, hair-raising bargain over at HotUKDeals.

(deals found by HUKD members yetanotherdave, rick81 and xx_dyer_xx)

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