HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 9th December

hukd_logob1Right – we’re just back from being caught up in a kettle down at the precinct. Three nine-year-olds were swapping Match Attax cards when a gang of mounted police came along and herded us and them into the nearest pub. Parts of that story may have been ‘enhanced’.

Anyway, here’s today’s best bargains, courtesy of HotUKDeals

822584_1Football then. Over at Newcastle United, there’s another new manager in the hot seat. This one is called Alan something or other and we’re estimating that he’ll be out of a job in under a year. Which will cost the club’s chairman, Mike Ashley, a lot of money.

That might be the reason why Ashley’s Sports Direct company have slashed the prices of a range of Premier League replica shirts today, bringing them down to just £25.00 a go. They’ve possibly slashed parts of the shirt too, as we’re told they’re short-sleeved only.

822476_1For some of us, the cloud of poverty hangs over our heads and there’s nothing better to do in the evenings than whittle pieces of wood down into walking sticks. And then burn it all for warmth.

But without a sharp knife, you ain’t gonna be doin’ no whittlin’ now are you boy? Huh? That’s why you’ll need this – the AnySharp Global World’s Best Knife Sharpener (Classic) and it’s only £6.27 at the moment.

822519_1Finally, another way you can save money is by snubbing your tried and trusted barber and/or hair stylist and cutting your own sodding hair instead. You’ll have loads of extra £££s in your pocket and loads of extra dead hair lying around your home.

Perfect – you can use it to stuff cushions or to make wigs for the homeless. You’ll be needing one of these though – it’s the Philips QC7150 mains rechargeable hair clipping machine. Yours for just £19.99 – a one off payment that means no more expensive haircuts and a world of identically-bald family photos…

(deals found by HUKD members avsparcy, Joey0027 and anewkillerstar)

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