HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 8th October

hukd_logob1 Whenever we try and imagine a typical Bitterwallet reader, we like to think of a moon-obsessed habitual battery-sucker who backed a now-outmoded DVD system and is filled with self-loathing as a result.

Fortunately, they also love a bargain, and if that’s you, here’s some great stuff from HotUKDeals.

485734HD-DVD is dead – long live HD-DVD! That’s the coming from the wide-open gobs of those people whose judgement was so clouded a year or two ago that they foolishly invested in HD-DVD technology.

Blu-ray might have won the battle but the HD-DVDers are still in the war and their latest weapon is a random, grab-bag selection of 10 HD-DVD titles for only £12.00. We’ll bet they’re ALL top-class critically-acclaimed titles. Mmmm?

486144Next, we can finally address something that’s troubled each and every one of us since childhood – what would it be like if we had the moon in our room? Would it smell of cheese? Would there be a Pink Floyd album round the back?

You can answer those and many, many more questions if you buy Moon In My Room for only £11.99. It’s a 28cm-diameter moon witbuth a remote control that is exactly like… er, having the moon in your room. Right, okay, moving on then…

486091Here’s another one for the kids, or your inner big kid, assuming that it’s an inner big kid that enjoys playing with pirates as opposed to one of those weird ones who plays on their own and sucks batteries to see what will happen.

It’s the Mega Bloks Pirate Ship. It was £40 but it’s now down to £13.50 once you’ve knocked some quids off with various vouchers. We’re not sure if you’ll need batteries for it, but if you do, keep them out of your mouth eh?

(deals found by HUKD members Ben 3110, Whizzkid and angelbrandy)


  • Junkyard
    Thanks BW, "witbuth" is now my new favourite word.
  • Andy D.
    Same here. I'm keeping it in too.
  • Lumoruk
    can you fix the internets please got "Invalid expression in /home/admin/domains/ on line 147" trying to go on
  • Zeus9876
    i get that too in internet explorer but it's working fine in firefox
  • In f.
    We need more articles that mention butt plugs.

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