HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 8th April

hukd_logob1 Bargains, bargains, bargains! There haven’t been very many of them around today but we’ve managed to cobble together a handful for your perusal here and now.

There’ll be more along soon at HotUKDeals – trust us, we’re doctors. Doctors of deals.

651722What would you say if you shoved 20 metres of Ethernet LAN cabling in your face? You’d say “thanks for the 20 metres of Ethernet LAN cabling that you’ve just shoved in my face. I might use it for my PC, or PS3 or my Xbox 360, or I might just see how many times it’ll wrap around that tree over there before it’s all gone.”

And what would you say if we told you that all we wanted from you in return would be £3.49? You’d say “Wow – that’s amazing. Here’s the cash, now why don’t you shove that 20 metres of Ethernet LAN cabling in my face all over again?” You sick freak.

652084Next up comes a box. A magical box. For just £8.85 delivered. You’re probably wondering what might be in that box, given that it’s so cheap. You probably think that it’ll have some duck feathers in it or some misshapen pieces of plastic or maybe a fox puppet. No, it’s even better than that. Find out more in the next paragraph.

Hi there, thanks for joining us for the next paragraph, where we reveal what you’ll get in your £8.85 box. It’s actually the first three Indiana Jones movies, with an additional fourth disc with some extra stuff. Crucially, it doesn’t include the recent, not-all-that-good fourth Indiana Jones movie. Phew, eh readers?

651997Finally today, we want to share a little secret with you. In truth though, we don’t. Bollocks to you all. Who do you think you are, turning up here on the internet expecting us to reveal sensitive and potentially reputation-damaging about Paul Smith’s mangina. Not that he’s got one.

No, you’ll have to make do with finding out more about the Logitech Harmony 555 universal remote control, which you can get at the moment for a piffling £39.80 delivered. Now be off with you – there’s no one with a mangina HERE!

(deals found by HUKD members edi, lucerysmum and maxcovergold)


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