HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 7th October

hukd_logob1 Got a spare £1,000 lying around, waiting to be spent? You’ve come to the right place. Only got a quid lying around, waiting to be spent? You’ve come to the right place. That’s correct, there’s literally something from the prince to the pauper today.

All of which wouldn’t be possible without the help of our bretheren at HotUKDeals. They’re bloody terrific!

772682_1Does anyone else remember the mid-1980s, when the ITV showed Zulu in 3D and there was a pair of cardboard 3D glasses stuck on the front of every copy of the TV Times so that we could all partake in the beautiful, futuristic experiment?

Well the futuristic is now the presentastic and 3D television sets are all the rage. Plus, with Christmas coming, a mini price warcould well break out. Hence the £959.00 price tag on this Samsung PS50C680 50" Full HD Plasma 3D TV (with even more savings to be made with cashback). Wowsers.

772744_1But just because you’ve invested in a snazzy new 3D TV, it doesn’t mean that you only have to watch modern programmes on its vast 50-inch screen. You could, for example, watch DVDs of Barbara Windsor’s knockers on a load of old Carry On films. But how to get them without breaking the bank...?

Well, from this weekend, that’s exactly what you can do – every day you’ll be able to get a token that you’ll be able to swap for a Carry On DVD at your local Tesco or WH Smith with a total of 13 of them up for grabs. But what will the cost be? Just the cover price of an objectionable right-wing daily newspaper (can you guess which one it is, avid readers?)

772436_1From an incredibly expensive telly box, we move on to something that costs just 0.1% of its price but is arguably more important. Yes, yes, you’re ALL correct – we’re talking about Oxo cubes. Cor – you lot are so perceptive.

There’s a choice for all tastes (apart from vegetarian, OBVIOUSLY!) and you can get three 12-cube boxes for just 99p in their delicious beef, chicken or vegetarian flavours. Oh, so they do vegetarian ones as well. Fair enough.

(deals found by HUKD members Unhinged, Tom Pickering and nicster08)


  • Sh
    I wish they had barbies knockers in 3d
  • zeddy
    Eurgh, that's Phil Mitchell's mum.

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