HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 7th May

Right then you 'orrible lot; stand to attention and look at this, the finest bargainy type stuff we’ve shovelled over here from the big heap of offers at HotUKDeals. Don't even think about looking away or you'll be down on that floor giving us twenty before you can even breathe out.

Some light bravado there. Not really sure if it worked. Certainly no place for it when up against the steel-eyed hardness of Ross Kemp. He was Grant Mitchell and he’s been to Afghanistan and he got beaten up off his wife once and everything.

He was also Sergeant Henno Garvie in the matchless Ultimate Force series ('matchless' does mean 'a bit crap' doesn't it?). Now you can get an eight-disc box set of pretty much bloody well all of it for a skull-cracking price of just £9.99. Oooof!

Safety next (bollocks, should have put this story before the Ross Kemp one, then we could have said ‘safety first’; ah well…) Here’s a family pack of hi-viz jackets that will keep you all… well, highly visible really.

It’s available for only £4 and it’s AA-branded so you know the money won’t go to shadowy bigwigs in the illegal hi-viz garment trade. Plus there’s legal requirements involving hi-viz gear if you’re driving abroad. More info at HUKD of course.

Finally, from protecting your arse by the roadside to protecting the bloated, gassy arse of Mother Planet. You can do that and prevent total meltdown by investing in some energy saving lightbulbs.

They look stupid, they take a second or two to come on and they’re probably too big for most of your light fittings and shades but go on, have a go – you can get 10 of them for only a pound here. Conscience clear. Goodbye.

(deals found by theoldman, panddda and mighty mugger)

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  • Duke
    The Philips energy savers come on pretty much instantly. It's the shops own brand that take forever to come on.

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