HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 6th October

new hukd logo Today’s round up of fantastic bargains has a distinctly sporting flavour, with football shirts, snooker and/or pool tables and, erm… a book all about sewing on the agenda.

Mostly sport then. Anyway, it’s all brought to you in association with HotUKDeals

1030495_1Tomorrow evening, tens of us will be glued to our screens as Sven Goran Capello’s mighty band of soccerballers try to battle their way past the plucky minnows of Molgravia or somewhere as they attempt to secure qualification to the EuroKick 2012 tournament.

Assuming they do so, the nationwide hysteria will commence, culminating in spectacular failure in about nine months’ time. Be a part of it by getting yourself an England home shirt – currently haveable for only £9.00 in the adult size and £7.00 in the junior size. There’s also free delivery and a range of other clearance items. Go English!

1030712_1If you can’t afford that kind of dough for an England shirt, there’s always the option of making one yourself, using some old bandages and a needle and thread. That’s the way forward in these austere times.

An England shirt may or may not be one of the items that you can easily make with the book ‘Sew!’ by Cath Kidston – we’re struggling to give a toss either way to be honest. But if the life of making do and mending is for you, you can get a copy of the book for only £5.89 right now.

1031031_1Finally for today, a chance to get yourself a novelty dining table, a football pitch for a gang of mice or a snooker/pool table. Or… and get THIS… all three.

Officially, it’s a six foot snooker and pool table but it’s your life and it can be whatever you really want it to be. And it’s been reduced from £299.99 down to £99.99. We’ve got eight of them, all stacked up on top of each other. Collectively, they’re pointless.

(deals found by HUKD members Harry Hammer, taswir1, Ajibee and Turnip)

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