HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 6th May

hukd_logob1 In a few hours time, the political landscape of this great nation may have changed beyond belief. Either way, we’ll all still be skint so here’s some great offers to help us cope with the new tomorrow…

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672271Depending on who gets into power after today, you might feel like throwing yourself to the lions. But don’t worry – that last, desperate, tragic act can be done on the cheap.

You can get into Woburn Safari Park for just £1.00 for one day only, the 20th of May. Luckily, the kids should be at school that day so they won’t see you getting eaten alive.

672231Next comes a chance to nab yourself a Blu-ray player and get free Blu-ray discs to watch for the first year of this new political era. If that doesn’t cheer you up, nothing will.

It’s the Toshiba BDX2000 and it’s yours for only £99.99. You’ll also get a year’s free subscription to the Lovefilm DVD and Blu-ray postal rental service. No need to ever see Newsnight or Question Time for an entire twelve months.

672026Finally, one for the older generation – those who like sitting in their rocking chairs, banging on about how everything was groovier in the 1960s and sucking hard on a Werther’s Original, desperately wishing it was laced with LSD.

Well, here’s a twist – the chocolate Werther’s Original – and you can get a bag of them for just £1.00. Suck on ‘em while you’re watching your Blu-rays or feed ‘em to the lions at Woburn when you realise you’re too scared to let them eat you.

(deals found by HUKD members spicy_gal, pmackers and jane34)

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