HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 5th Bonfire Night

hukd_logob1 Whenever we try and imagine the typical Bitterwallet reader, we like to think of someone who enjoys ingesting mind-altering substances on a grand scale before shaving all their hair off and mopping up the mess with a baby wipe. A bit like Syd Barrett really.

That’s your life we’re describing is it? Oh, fantasia! Read on dear reader, you’ll love this stuff, direct from HotUKDeals central…

519797These days, the government are trying to clamp down hard on retailers who flog copious quantities of booze to people at rock-bottom prices. Thankfully, Bitterwallet takes a far more moralistic approach, telling you where you can get your tongues on said booze.

Today sees another cracking lager offer – four 440ml cans of the 4% version of Stella Artois, for just £2.00. That of course works out at just 50p per can. Imagine the fun you could have once you’d necked a dozen or so of them…

519559You might find yourself compelled to shave all your hair off. And why not? It’s your hair to do with as you please and that’s something the government can NEVER take away from you!

Make the job affordable with these Philips clippers, said to be the first clippers designed specifically for home use. They’re only £19.99 and you’ve got two choices of retailer with these – one of them begins with an ‘a’ and is here while the other one begins with an ‘a’ and is here.

519927Once you’ve drunkenly gouged away at your scalp for a while, you might need something to wipe the blood from both your brow and the walls. Johnson's baby wipes should do the job admirably.

You can get six packs of the things for only £3.00 right now, more than enough to deal with a few hours of slow, steady headular blood loss. Then once you’ve pulled yourself together, thanks to the savings you’ve mad, you can go out and buy a load of cans of Stella 4% for just 50p each…

(deals found by HUKD members Hixxy22, Musaafir, rainforest and rockerfella20)

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