HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 4th November

hukd_logob1 It's all going on here today - huge sacks of onions, slightly less huge tins of sweets and some fancy dress costumes that are at fancily slashed prices.

As ever, it's all thanks to HotUKDeals...

792919_1Halloween might be over for another year but there’s no need for us all to stop dressing up because of that trivial detail. Maybe we’d all be a lot happier and get laid a hell of a lot more often if we adorned ourselves in finery and robery on a daily basis.

Well, how about this – you can become a vampiress for just £5.00, or a zombie pirate for only £6.25 or if you’re really into the kinky stuff, you can transform yourself into Uncle Fester for just £7.50. Transform your life today, or just put them away in a cupboard until next year’s Halloween festivities instead.

792830_1Life throws up many problems along the way. Some of them are solved by talking, understanding and negotiation. Others are solved by aggression, conflict and war. Then there are those problems that can only be satisfactorily dealt with by introducing a huge sack of onions.

Those are the problems that we’re concerned with at Deals Of The Day right now. The ones where the onions are required. Fortunately, we can show you just the thing. It's a 5kg sack of onions and it's only £1.00! Is it possible to have this much fun for only £1.00? We don't think so!

792585_1Finally for now, another addition to the tons and tons of tins of sweets that will be discounted between now and Christmas time (mistletoe and wine). Today’s special brand is Quality Street and you can nab a 1kg tin for only £4.00.

Ask yourself this – would you rather spend £4.00 on 1kg of sweets or £1.00 on 5kg of onions? Think carefully before you answer, but keep it to yourself. Because, to be honest, we couldn’t really give a toss.

(deals found by HUKD members drbunsen, PraxxtorCruel, ilunat2 and Marina)

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  • Naul P.
    You seem to have missed 902 laptops sold for £299.99 each today.....

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