HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 4th February

hukd_logob1 Grub, retro gaming and comic book heroes in films. That’s what we’re all about here today round these parts. So sit back, strap yourselves in and feel the G’s.

Much kudos to HotUKDeals who as ever have captured the bargains before beating them to a pulp with a metal bat. Or something.

601081Let’s start today’s round-up the same way we start every day – with a good hard scratch of the arse. Sorry, that isn’t right. We meant with breakfast. Breakfast, the meal that’s fit for a king but enjoyed most by the unemployable.

This deal should shake both kings and the unemployable out of their lazy torpor and get their mojo going. It’s a breakfast, with drink for only 99p, but the hard part is that they’ll have to leave the house to get the mouths on it. Ouch!

601248Next comes one for those of you who enjoy partying hard like it’s 1984 all over again. With your George Michael hairdon’t, your ‘Frankie Says…’ T-shirt and your keen interest in the miners’ strike.

It’s an old-school joystick (the Competition Pro – some of you will be creaming yourselves just from reading the name) that plugs into your USB hole, and a disc for your PC with 99 Commodore 64 games on it, including classics like Bomb Jack, Ghosts N Goblins, Defender Of The Crown, Turrican and many many more. Wahoo! Pre-order now for only £9.99.

601743Finally, we return to the modern age and bring you a Blu-ray triple disc sensation of an offer. It contains both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight along with a bonus disc, all for the low and lovely price of just £12.99 delivered.

We’re not sure what’s on the third disc but we think it might be some preview scenes from the forthcoming Butlins Batman: The Red Cape Of Round-The-Clock Entertainment. We’ve heard good things about it – it reunites most of the creative forces behind Hi-De-Hi…

(deals found by HUKD members AnotherOne, chicobuff and millarcat)

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  • cicobuff
    How dare you get my username incorrect, I won't be anywhere associated with monsieur Chico and his Chico Time song, its cicobuff, after the name of a song by cocteau twins (yes thats cocteau twins not thompson twins)

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