HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 3rd September

Once again, here’s some of the best stuff that has cropped up on HotUKDeals over the past day. Maybe some of these little treasures will be featured in our Bitterwallet Huge Enormous Giveaway…?

It’s the prize draw that’s rocking the nation – click here for more details and hope your luck is in.

The stand-out offer over at HotUKDeals at the moment is for a Kingston 16GB USB memory stick, available for only £4.99 apiece. Truly mind-boggling stuff – are we living in the future? How long before they pay us to take these things off their hands?

Here’s the crappy part. They’re instore only and the company only have two stores in the UK. Oh, and it’s one per customer. But if you’re in Croydon or Manchester and you get your skates on, you could get lucky. Hmmm…

Next comes a chance to see tomorrow’s Arsenal superstars today, and on the cheap, with tickets for their Carling Cup ‘clash’ with West Brom later this month. Upper tier tickets are £20 each and lower tier seats go for £10 each. Those prices are chopped in half for concessionary supporters.

Here’s the crappy part. You need to be a member to buy these tickets before September 10th but they’re available to everyone from that date onwards. Worth it even if you just fancy a night out and seeing what the Emirates Stadium looks like.

Finally, you can beef up your body without shedding pounds from your wallet with a range of bodybuilding shit muscle enhancing powders, potions and bars. Slashed in price, starting as low as £1.13 and rising to £10.50.

Crazy-named stuff like ProMax, Creatamax, the Maximuscle Shaker and the Viper Extreme Bar are in this offer. See you all by the bench-pressing machine – don’t forget to wipe it when you’ve finished you stinking bastards.

(deals found by HUKD members Hokum, killerof8 and Magic_monkey)

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