HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 3rd November

new hukd logo Are you the kind of greedy pig who enjoys sitting around scoffing tin after tin after tub after tub of ‘Christmas Sweets’ before moving on to some home-made doughnuts, pausing only to pathetically straighten your lank, greasy hair? Yeah, thought so.

This stuff’s for you then – and there’s plenty more for you to wallow in at HotUKDeals

1050878_1We start today’s round-up with a bargain that doubles up as a stiff test of your willpower. It’s for a variety of tins of sweets that if you’re a good citizen, you’ll store away to give to people as Christmas presents. That’s the test – scoff them yourself and you’ve failed.

The sweets in question are Quality Street, Heroes, Thorntons, Allsorts and Roses and they’re each available for ONLY FOUR POUNDS. How many can you fit in your house? How many can you fit in your mouth?

1050936_1If chocolates aren’t your thing, maybe doughnuts are instead. But doughnuts can be costly, and you usually have to go to the shops to buy them. A useless notion if it’s 4.30am and you’ve got a craving.

You should probably invest in a doughnut maker, and those inexplicable cravings can become a thing of the past. Try this one – it’s been reduced from £39.99 to just £9.99. There – free doughnuts forever. Until you die.

1050969_1Finally, one of those perennially popular Christmas gifts that is always knocked down in price around this time of the year – the GHD hair-straighteneering device. What we’ve got for you here is the GHD IV Mark 4 straighteneer, but better still, it comes with free OSIS Body Me.

Yes, really – free OSIS Body Me. If any of you would like to tell us what that means in the box below, we might be vaguely interested. What we do know is that the HUKD massive have voted the whole caboodle as being HOT thanks to its £78.80 price tag and we’re happy with that.

(deals found by HUKD members hermanjelmet, churni and Moka-Bear)

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  • Dick
    I tried, but I couldn't fit a quality street tin in my mouth. Not even one!

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