HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 3rd February

hukd_logob1Dear reader, you join us as we emerge blinking from a metaphorical cave – a cave festooned with nuggets and diamonds and truffles and… erm… goodies. Here -witness the finery that we now present you with.

What we’re trying to tell you is that we’ve been rooting around in HotUKDeals for the best bargains again and we’re about to tell you all about some of them.

867228_1We start in among the aisles of Lidl – admittedly not the most fashionable place in the retail firmament but this is Bitterwallet and we’re here to save you money rather than suck our cheeks in and prance about like a pack of prize pricks (we save that kind of behaviour for the weekends).

So, yeah, Lidl then. They’re having what they call an ‘XXL Week’ with masses of grocery savings that cover everything from meat products to booze to yoghurts to toilet paper. The whole list is at HotUKDeals – it’s a scorcher!

867328_1Next, something that will give you peace of mind and that warm, fuzzy feeling you can only get when you’re pretty sure that no one is going to break into your house and nick your sausages. You’re nodding your heads aren’t you? You know what we’re on about here.

It’s a wireless motion sensor alarm with remote control and it’s yours for the utterly ridiculously low price of £6.99. Your sausages need never be tampered with again. We repeat – YOUR SAUSAGES NEED NEVER BE TAMPERED WITH AGAIN.

867536_1Finally for today, who fancies getting married? Eh? Think about it – a few months of blissfulness followed by decades of simmering resentment, with one of you spending most of your time in the shed while the other one sits at the kitchen table, hammering away at the gin.

Of course, it doesn’t ALWAYS turn out like that, but if you suspect it might, you might not want to fork out too much on a wedding dress. Helpfully, you can currently get one reduced from £500 right down to only £113.79. Cheap enough to use as an impromptu hankie when it all goes massively tits up…

(deals found by HUKD members nicster08, uksel and holnwob)

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