HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 2nd September

2 September 2010

hukd_logob1 Are you in the business of keeping yourself looking smart and flashing your shiny white while om-nom-noming on a tub of ice cream? You are? Well come this way then...

Don’t mind those people over there – they’ve been beavering away at HotUKDeals, sniffing out the bargains for us all.

750146_1Despite what the so-called television ‘funnymen’ like Bill Oddie and Roy Walker might say, there’s nothing wrong at all with supermarket clothing. It’s well made, it’s durable, it’s got a vague whiff of style about it sometimes and you can always wash your windows with it when it’s fucked.

All reasons why the announcement of a sale of Tesco’s finest garb is a cause for mass celebration. Skilfully use various codes and you can get up to 40% off and some cashback as well. Now won’t you look all lovely?

749684_1On a far more serious note, we move on to teeth. Possibly man’s deadliest natural weapon (with the talon coming a close second), it is believed that we have over 50,000 uses for our teeth, compared to just 7 for our toothless gums.

So children, look after your gnashers. You can do that and save some cash by partaking in a high-profile dental sale that’s going on right now. ‘Half price’ is what they’re roaring through their clenched pearly whites. Get on it.

750278_1Do you hate your beautiful, shining teeth? Are you afraid to smile because they're so bloody perfect? Have you smashed up all your mirrors in case you accidentally get a glimpse of them? Well do something about it you damn fool!

You could start by investing in some of this Asda Loaded Black Forest ice cream. It's normally £2.47 for a 480ml tub but right now it's only 50p. The wizards at HotUKDeals haven't comfirmed whether it's a nationwide offer or not but we can all dream until they do. Death to teeth!

(deals found by HUKD members Southern Bride, vadis and adamrwood)

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