HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 28th May

As another day crawls towards its desperate end, here come some of the finest bargains that have been doing the rounds over the past few hours.

As ever, they were all picked up by the good people over at HotUKDeals. Without them, Bitterwallet would be nothing.

We’re starting off in the lap of luxury today. If you’ve got an impending celebration or just want to swank around looking like some kind of big shot, Dom Perignon champagne is available with 50% off - £50 a bottle instead of the usual £100.

But, if you’re the type of person who (a) calls it Don Perignon, or (b) reckons that slurping down a two litre bottle of Lilt represents a better bet, this one probably isn’t for you.

Next, we go to the other end of the luxury market with a bargain supermarket-brand iron. Ask yourself this question - just how little would you reasonably expect to pay for a brand new iron?

You’re wrong – it’s less. In fact it’s just £1.10, although this may not be a nationwide deal and may involve some wild goose chasing. Once you’ve got one though, give it to a student or someone else who only irons in an emergency.

Finally, a magazine subscription with an old-skool free gift. Six issues of gadget mag T3 can be had for only £22.25. So what you might say.

Ah yes, but you’ll get a free hand-held Sega Megadrive console with that – and what else could you want to play with while you’re swigging Don Perrinon straight out of the bottle and avoiding your mad, spitting iron that growls at you whenever you try to unplug it? Happy days!!!

(deals found by Nassar, razorc and crumpdale)

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