HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 28th July

hukd_logob1 Who amongst can’t say that we crave fresh water that is free from impurities, cheap cinematic ‘experiences’ and a cheap buggy to push little people around it? Damn straight – us too. You’re in the right place then.

As per usual, it’s all been delicately woven from the silk that is produced over at HotUKDeals

985793_1We kick off with a perfect item if you’re keen on not pushing any impurities into your body and ending up like Kurt Cobain or one of that lot. It’s a water filter - ideal for catching all the tiny worms and crumbs that can get into your body and kill you.

It’s got a 2-litre total capacity and and 1-litre filtered capacity, and it’s known to its friends as the Logik L1JWF10 Water Filter Jug. Best of all, it’s been reduced from £9.99 right down to only £1.99. Get it and say goodbye to tiny water worms forever.

985197_1Next comes the chance to make some gargantuan savings if you’re one of those cinema-going sorts. It’s not our kind of thing – for one thing we hate people and for another, we operate out of a hermetically-sealed pod located 50 metres beneath the surface of the earth. Getting out can be tricky sometimes.

It’s 50% off the admission price for both 2D and 3D movies at Odeon cinemas between Sundays and Thursdays. The catch is that you need to be a customer of O2, Tesco Mobile of Giff Gaff, but then, who isn’t? What’s that? Lots of you? Oh.

985435_1Finally, something for carrying your water filter jug around in or for transporting vast buckets of popcorn in, purchased with the money you’ve saved on your cinema ticket. It’s a collapsible buggy.

Hell, you could even push some kind of child around in it if that’s the mad kind of shit that you’re into – we’re not here to judge you or anything. You’d probably expect to pay around £400 for something like that wouldn’t you? Nope – it could be yours for only £15. Now pick your jaw off the floor and go and order one.

(deals found by HUKD members uglybeautyqueen, choc1969 and HMG)

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