HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 26th February

As a tribute to our very own Paul Smith, aka Twitchhiker, who will soon be setting off around the world armed only with a laptop, a toothbrush, some mace spray and a Twitter account, here’s some more orthodox ways to trot across Mother Globe without spending a fortune.

All bargains were found on HotUKDeals and unlike Twitchhiker, you probably won’t be murderded in your borrowed bed by a psycho loner during your stay.

First up, we’ve got a 5-star all-inclusive luxury holiday in Turkey with a free room upgrade, all for the barely-credible price of just £259 per person. There’s also wild and crazy activities galore, including water skiing, wind surfing, tennis and volleyball.

We’re wide-eyed, but that aside, it sounds a bit iffy to us, and we’d expect to get pressganged into some kind of intergalactic fighting force halfway during the stay. If you’re not afraid of that possibility, there’s more info here. Eeek!

Next, it’s Virgin Atlantic’s 25th birthday, as you might well know if you’ve seen that crappy advert they’re running to commemorate the fact. Looks like it was scripted by Beardy Branson himself but that’s the sort of thing you can do if you’re the boss and ‘a bit groovy.’

Griping aside, there’s some cracking offers available over the coming weeks, and at the moment you can hop on a flight to Noo Yoik (where the tap water comes in bottles) for as little as £225.

Lastly, we’re back in Europe, and to be completely specific, Rome. Home of the Romans, as well as Romulus and Remus and Romeo from ‘The Adventures Of Romeo.’

Waffling aside, here’s a deal for a hotel with bed, breakfast and ‘extras’ for just £43 per night. You’ll have to click on the link to find out what the extras are, but they don’t include being locked in a chest freezer by a Dutch mentalist who you met over the internet. Good luck Paul!

(deals found by brixboy, octobergirl and Owensy)

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