HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 25th November

hukd_logob1The country is trapped under a carpet of snow (well, some of it is) and so our attention must turn to long-term hibernation and the fun that can be had indoors with the curtains closed. So it’s tellies, games and handheld consoles all the way today.

Say ta to HotUKDeals for making it all possible…

809682_1First up, we’ve got an amazing state-of-the-art TV at an even more amazing cheap, cheap price. It’s one of those newfangled 3D jobs, a Samsung PS50C680 50” full HD plasma 3D gogglebox for as little as £838.

You can also nab yourself a free 3D Blu-ray player along with Shrek 3D – The Complete Collection and two pairs of 3D glasses. Everything you could ever need and more. Oh, and there’s a chance of 3% off via Quidco too.

809005_1As well as watching Blu-rays and feasting your peepers on the delights of 3D TV, there’s a strong chance that gameplay will be more than a little bit delightful when viewed on one of these things.

So here’s a couple of crazy games at crazy prices for your Xbox 360 or PS3. Firstly there’s Fallout New Vegas for only £19.99 (half the RRP) or for a trifling £4.99 you can become a dead or alive Beatle (it’s your choice!) and play Beatles Rock Band.

809514_1Finally, you might need some kind of back up device if your significant others have bagged the TV and games consoles that YOU paid for in the house that YOU own and probably wearing the Slanket that YOU picked out for yourself. The bastards.

You could always go and sit in the cupboard under the stairs with this, the aptly-titled Sony PSP GO, for just £119.99. For that, you’ll get the console AND a bunch of ten free games. You could be under those stairs for a while…

(deals found by HUKD members gunn0r, r11ckp and iahonor and hsuffyan)

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