HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 25th March

hukd_logob1 It’s here at last – your daily round-up of all the finest bargains. Booze, spices and walking aids are what we’ve got for you today. Read on or you could regret missing out forever.

More of this sort of thing over at HotUKDeals, from whence these bargains did do come.

641189A ‘3 for £3.00’ offer on jars of Schwartz spices almost rocked our world when we got wind of it earlier today. Almost. Bt when we learned that the offer includes saffron, our very favourite of all of Mother Earth’s delicate spices, we were out of the door and after some like a rocket.

Hence the reason why today’s Deals Of The Day is so disgustingly late. But now we’re back, and having bathed in the BW communal Jacuzzi (with added saffron, naturally,) we’re refreshed and reinvigorated, so here’s two more, some would say lesser, offers for you.

641262Oh yes, we also made sure we stocked up on a couple of slabs of one litre bottles of Baileys while we were out a-saffron hunting. That’s because it seems that a Baileys price war isn’t just for Christmas – it’s for Easter too.

We’re not sure what the calendarial (it’s a word now) significance is, but there’s a possibility that someone in the world of retail is trying to associate Baileys with our very own Lord and saviour, Sir Jesus Christ. What other reason can there be for a litre of the stuff for just £9.00 at the moment?

641610Finally today, we turn to the great outdoors, and the tried and trusted pursuit that is better known as ‘walking about and that.’ For just £2.00, your walking about antics can be enhanced with help of two essential items.

Firstly, we have the walking pole, currently available for only £1.00. It’s also known as the trekking pole, but we’re not concerning ourselves with trekking here – we’re not perverts. Then there’s the camping tripod stool, perfect for when all the walking is getting right on your tits. Also yours for a mere £1.00. Now was all of that worth waiting for or what?

(deals found by HotUKDeals members skellysgirl, jackass1978 and drbunsen)

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