HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 22nd September

new hukd logo Come with us on a short journey that involves a trip to New York, a trek into outer space with Burt Reynolds and the end of life as we know it thanks to the havoc wreaked by some custard-firing robot warriors.

That’s what happens when you trawl the pages of HotUKDeals in search of bargains…

libertyYour crack team of Bitterwallet reporters have decided that we’d quite like to go to New York, on a ‘consumer journalism fact finding mission’. It’d be great – we’d visit a few shops and then go and get caned in one of the city’s trillions of bars.

Unfortunately, we only get paid in out-of-date bars of Milka chocolate and Baileys, so we’ve got no money. Which is where you, our dear readers come in. We need you to pay for our airfare – there are flights here from £257. And no, you can’t come with us.

1021516_1Who among us doesn’t love the Alien Anthology bunch of films? Every single one of them is a cinematic masterpiece – it’s hard to look at Burt Reynolds in anything else he does without picturing him racing across the desert with Dom DeLuise in that crazy ambulance.

But, as Burt said at the end of the third film, enough of our yakkin’. We’ve got a bargain to tell you about. It’s the Alien Anthology collection on Blu-ray, six discs in total. You can get them for £13.99 here, or if you’d rather pay £13.99 somewhere else, you can do that here.

1021224_1Finally, a statistic about batteries. Did you know that if you took all of the used, unwanted batteries in the world, melted them down and made them into robots that could fire hot custard out of their wrists, there would be an immediate custard shortage, resulting in the deaths of 150 million people and the re-emergence of smallpox.

Fascinating stuff. Let’s hope it never happens eh readers? We can all do our bit by switching to rechargeable batteries for all our portable power needs, and you can get that ball rolling by buying 4xAA 2500mAh rechargeable batteries for only £2.99 TODAY. Let’s fight those evil robots and put and end to their custard-based anarchy FOREVER!

(deals found by HUKD members frenchdevil10, charver, merb0786 and Laubi02)

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