HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 22nd January

We’re in a musical mood here at Bitterwallet today, what with the installation of Spotify into our tiny brains. Free sounds galore, with an ad for a government agency every 25 minutes. Like being in a brilliant Soviet Union.

Anyway, all of today's bargains have a musical flavour to them – all in cahoots with the flautists, trombonists and twang-box handlers from HotUKDeals. Bass!

It was the late, great John Peel who described The Fall as his favourite ever band. Singer Mark E. Smith might look like a cross between Chesney out of Corrie and a peeled E.T. but the man is a genius - and has a legion of fans both likely and fairly unlikely (former England cricket coach David Lloyd anyone?)

If you’re looking to become a more interesting and well-rounded person, you could invest in this 5-CD bootleg collection by Smith and the various poor sods he’s employed to be in his backing band down the years. But you’d be mad – get the 6-CD Peel Sessions box set instead for a few quid more. It is superb. (Touch Sensitive by The Fall follows at the end of this message)
(deal found by andywedge & dancrawley)

You’ll probably listen to the CDs and shout “I could do better than that!” at your midi system. You might well be right.

Find out with this handy £2.99 Guitar Chords wall poster. Stick it on one of those flat vertical bits at the side of your room, grab a guitar, have a bit of a practice, then see if you can play along with The Fall on ‘To Nkroachment: Yarbles.’
(deal found by amibees)

Lastly, a change of pace. Something smoother, more agreeable, for those of you with more refined tastes. Some Vivaldi.

The potato, to be precise. A bag of Sainsburys Taste The Difference Vivaldi salad potatoes for just a quid. They’re officially Bitterwallet’s favourite potato you know – you should have been there when we gave each other a bag of them for Christmas. All of us! The same type of potato and everything! Hilarious. Oh…
(deal found by Maoist)


  • The B.
    Vivaldi salad potatoes are no good for sticking in your ears to drown out Mark E Smiths awful droning.
  • Mike, H.
    Good point Bob, however, the wall planner cum guitar cord guide thingie, will enable you to replace the number of guitarists that The Fall have gone through, then you can beat Mr M.E.Smith over the head with your newly aquired skills, yeah?

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