HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 21st July

hukd_logob This is the introduction paragraph for our daily round-up of bargains from HotUKDeals. We can’t be arsed to think of anything funny or interesting to put in it today. You lot okay with that?

981596_1If there’s one subject that fills the Bitterwallet mailbag more than any other, it’s our near-complete ignorance of the light egg-using scene. By that we don’t mean people who use eggs that weigh next to nothing, but those folk who don’t go for the 12-box or even the 6-box. They’re occasional in their egg use, and they feel that their voice is rarely heard.

Hopefully this will shut them up and bring an end to their letters and petitions. Four medium-sized free range eggs for only 29p. Okay? Happy now??

981501_1Next comes a bargain that might also keep the light egg users happy, along with the heavy egg users, the non-egg users, the light tea drinkers and the heavy tea drinkers. Everyone except for the non-tea drinkers then. We’ll try and produce a Venn diagram later on that will explain this all in greater detail.

It’s a kettle, a nice one, a Kenwood one, and it’s been reduced from £49.99 all the way down to only £17.99. We’re now bracing ourselves for a petition of hate from the non-tea drinkers who also boil water in order to fill up hot water bottles. The bastards. Oh and you can even put filtered water in your kettle – there’s a pack of six Brita Maxtra cartridges at half price – only £12.00.

981303_1Finally, a DVD box set, from the co-creator of Father Ted and scourge of Twitter, Graham Linehan. No, it’s not Father Ted and it’s not Black Books either. It’s The IT Crowd, the tale of some nerds who live in a basement, denied access to daylight by their evil overlord. Or something.

If that’s the kind of thing that rocks your world, floats your boat or sucks your cockerel, you can get series 1-3 in a DVD box set for just £10.99. There’s extras and stuff as well – truly amazing.

(deals found by HUKD members LoveHearts, daudimad, mattykan and lucerysmum)

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