HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 20th May

hukd_logob1 Footy shirts, heart attack prevention and cheap clothes. That’s your lot for today. All thanks to HotUKDeals. Now bloody well read it…

682536If you’re English and you’re looking forward to the World Cup, here’s a chance to get your home nation’s home kit on your chest for the ridiculously low price of only £25. Hurry though, because stocks are ebbing away as we type.

You’ll be able to proudly wear the shirt right up until the inevitable quarter final defeat at the hands of some swarthy bunch of foreigners after one of England’s top players has been sent off and another misses or penalty. OR THEY MIGHT WIN IT AND END 44 YEARS OF HURT! (they won’t)

682416Sticking with the World Cup – we know that things can get a little bit tense during those crucial matches and there’s always someone who keels over with a heart attack at a crucial moment.

Now you can hopefully prevent such a tragident by investing £13.49 in a digital automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor. And if someone nearby does happen to keel over, here’s a racy guide to the kiss of life, performed by a pair of abominably sexy girls.

682901Finally, a clothing sale that has only just gone live earlier today, so you’ve still got the chance of picking up some fancy threads at low, low prices, saving £££s, etc etc etc.

The sale is going on at the Republica website and there’s excited talk of jeans and hoodies from a fiver, T-shirts from a tenner and jumpers with sailing boat emblems on for less than £100 – although that might be at M&S.

(deals found by HUKD members Benayoun, ananduniv and mgregory904)

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  • Nobby
    Get a shirt now. You never know ..... Rooney will get injured in the first match and Fabio will want a replacement. Having your own shirt might help swing it with him.

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