HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 1st October

hukd_logob1Here at Bitterwallet, whenever we sit in a circle, shut our eyes tight, hold hands and try to conjure up the image of a typical Bitterwallet reader, we always find ourselves thinking of a cruise-going flibbertigibbet dressed in modern, cool T-shirts and fannying about with kids’ toys when they’re old enough to know better.

So if that’s you, here’s some hand-picked bargains straight from the HotUKDeals allotment…

480154How do you fancy going on a cruise across the Atlantic from New Yoik to Sarfhampton on the Queen Mary 2, starting off with a two-night hotel stay in Manhattan? All that and more for only £699 per person – that’s £800 off the original price. We're not offering to take you, obviously.

Some people are never happy though – HUKD member Flake99 says: “It seems that you will basically be sat on the boat at the start of its 108 day proper cruise, getting bumped off at Southampton where they will pick up any Brits to add to the Americans going on the main cruise.” Rough. Presumably you’ll have to sleep in the lifeboats and feed yourself by dangling over the edge and catching fish with your bare hands.

480360Before your January cruise, get yourself kitted out with some new T-shirts and also get some discount by blatantly lying and pretending you’re a student. Unless you are a student, in which case, why aren’t you in the pub or out marching on a demo? Students still go on demos don’t they?

There’s two offers, both from Top Man – two T-shirts for £8.50 and two long-sleeve T-shirts for £12.92. All delivered with discount codes that you’ll be able to find at HUKD. You’ll look super smart next time you head out to protest about The Bomb, lesbian rights and unlicenced back-street cobblers and key-cutters.

andy and falconFinally, it’s time to hark back to your childhood, especially if you were a boy (who knows, you still might be). You either had a Star Wars Millennium Falcon or you didn’t. If you didn’t, you knew someone who did and you hated them for it. All the while you had to make do with your X-Wing Fighter and pretend it was something special.

That’s how we assume other people felt – we all had Millennium Falcons. In fact, Paul had three – one for each bathroom in the palatial mansion where he grew up. Anyway, you can fulfil that childhood dream now and get a Millennium Falcon at half price, only £74.99.

(deals found by HUKD members Dantooine, jakreid, Charlie Scene and Stercus Accidit)

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