HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 1st July

hukd_logob1 Dig if you will a picture, of a line-up of the bestest beasts from the barn, all tidily dressed up with ribbons in their hair and everything, so you can gaze upon their splendour and that.

That’s what this is. The beasts? They’re bargains. And the barn? That’s HotUKDeals of course.

711139You know, in a lot of ways, the Bitterwallet editorial team are a lot like controversial pop sensation Lady Gaga. We’re brash, we say what we think without worrying about the consequences and there’s been a long-running debate about whether we’ve got penises or not.

You’re obviously familiar with the Bitterwallet way of doing things – now you can make the acquaintance of Lady Gaga for only £2.55. That’s the price of a download of the deluxe double CD version of her top-selling Fame Monster album, with a whopping 24 tracks. Oh, and speaking of whopping… yes, we do.

711061Time to move on. But we’re not just moving on, we’re also grooving on. That’s because we’re listening to the best radio that the internet has to offer, courtesy of this Orange Liveradio, now reduced from £58.00 to £29.00. It used to be £99.00 at one point – who in their right minds would have paid THAT?

No matter because you can listen to over 4,000 worldwide radio stations with this thing, as well as podcasts and audio books and who knows, maybe even outer space messages from aliens. We can’t be sure because we haven’t got one, so that earlier line about us grooving on was a load of old shite. But we recommend that you do. Get one that is.

710839We're rounding things off today with an extremely highly-rated Playstation Network (PSN) game – Super Stardust HD. And if that’s not all, it’s the complete pack version of the game! With two add ons! No, us neither!

But, what matters here is that the kids seem to dig it and PSN are banging it out for only £2.29 at the moment instead of the usual £7.99. It’s part of a range of reduced titles from the Playstation store, which you can find out more about here. Boom!

(deals found by HUKD members KingCampo, flamingcarrot, fanpages and paulgee)

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