HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 19th November

hukd_logob1 Do you enjoy watching grown men dressed as elves on TV while clutching a stuffed penguin to your bosom and pondering over the knotty issue of whether British humour translates over in America?

You do? Then these bargains are just for you, straight from HotUKDeals

Bitterwallet - £15 iTunes card for £10Here’s a heads-up for a mission you can give yourself tomorrow if you’re not otherwise occupied doing important stuff like shaving your own back or swapping over the front and back wheels of your bike to see if it’ll make any difference.

No, this is much more worthwhile than that. Using a token that will be printed in two national newspapers tomorrow, you’ll be able get yourself a £15 iTunes voucher AND a stuffed penguin for the total outlay of £10.20 (outlay does not include bus fare, petrol/diesel use or cost of shoe repair owing to wear and tear)

532003A new report has decided that out of all of the Hollywood stars that are failing to provide us with value for money from their silly films, Will Ferrell is the main culprit. His movies make back just $3.29 for every dollar he is paid. Silly willy.

It’s little wonder really, when you consider that one of the films he’s been in that isn’t mediocre is the festive favourite Elf. And now you can get your own back on the thieving Ferrell by picking it up on DVD for just £2.99. Screw you Elf!

532639Finally, another DVD offer for you. It’s The Office – but in an American stylee. With the first series based on the Gervais/Merchant classic Britcom and subsequent series finding their feet all on their own, this has become one of the most dependably brilliant US comedies of recent years.

Yes, it’s even better than Two And A Half Man or Cosby On Welfare. And the box set of the first three seasons (that’s American for ‘series’) is available at the moment for the laughably cheap £12.98. Mmm, it’s almost like Ricky Gervais never happened.

(deals found by HUKD members Happy_man, adweb and Skibster)

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