HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 19th March

According to new statistics, it’s the blog post that gets more hits than any other, anywhere in the world – doff your caps, for it is HotUKDeals Of The Day.

In keeping with that claim, we seem to have homed on a bunch of faintly ridiculous bargains today – hopefully there’s someone in your life that they might be suitable for. There’s plenty more sensible offers over at HotUKDeals if this lot doesn’t float your boat.

We’re kicking off with this – a sock to keep your iPod in. It’ll help keep it warm in the winter and will probably stop it from being scratched, but… it’s a bloody sock.

Get one of these (for just £2.75) and you’ll be able to take your sleek, beautifully-crafted, modern iPod, and confine it to a life stuffed deep inside a brightly-coloured woollen sock. Tragic – nobody wins.

Onwards then, to this, an air freshener for your car that gives off the sweet aroma of Swizzles Love Hearts. Is it really worth the meagre 15p that you can get it for? Now thereby hangs a question.

How long would you realistically be able to drive around with this flapping around in your face, boffing out the sickly whiff of Love Hearts? Or would you end up deranged by it all, ending your life by hurling yourself out of the driver’s seat as your car careers off down the road?

Lastly, who wants to dress up as a Dalek?? Not you, kids – we’re talking to the grown ups here! Oh yes, adult Dalek costumes, and only £14.99. As one satisfied customer said, “Very funny costume! Not for the serious fancy dressers.”

We hate them – them serious fancy dressers. Turning up at parties looking like meticulous dopplegangers of Albert Einstein or Charles Darwin. Boring bastards – why can’t they come as Daleks? Now they can, and everybody wins.

(deals found by paw2304, bambu and melted)


  • ladylovesit
    It is indeed a day full of daft deals ... full moon tonight no doubt lol
  • Bob
    your site doesnt work in IE 8... FIX IT!!
  • Branny
    Bob - Use a better browser - END OF!

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