HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 18th February

hukd_logob1 Morning. Or something. It’s a veritable feast of batteries, cheap PCs and crap music here today. What’s not to love about THAT then?

As usual, HotUKDeals do all the hard work while we make the lame jokes.

613670We always need batteries. They power some of our most important everyday items such as motorised hair brushes, musical trowels and slotted spoons with built-in flashlights. None of which would be possible without batteries.

Now you can get yourself a pack of 8 Duracell Plus AA batteries with 50% off at only £1.47 – that works out at less than 19p per battery. Which is an enormous boon for those who enjoy indulging in night time spoon activity. And we’re always etc etc…

613853Next up comes the perfect starter desktop computer for someone on a budget or the rock star type who enjoys hurling their PC out of the window once they’ve finished their surfing for the day.

It’s an Acer AspireRevo R3600 with HDMI, and it’s only £129.92 delivered. Be warned though, it’s not the most powerful piece of kit out there so if it crashes on the 18th level when you’re playing an emulator version of Manic Miner, don’t come crying to us. Just chuck it out of the window.

613433Finally for today, the Brits 2010 album of the year, in its downloadable form. We speak of course of Lungs by Florence And The Machine, now only £3.00. Find out what all the fuss is about at a rock bottom price.

Or you could check it out on Spotify and come to the conclusion that it’s an overrated, over-hyped bunch of old bollocks fronted by a caterwauling ‘pound shop Toyah’ (© @Eamonn_Forde) – Florence And The Big Stinking Pile Of Shite more like.

(deals found by HUKD members AgentSingh, Musicrab and LssL)


  • Brian
    Brian here. I will print out the 8 Duracell Plus AA batteries deal and leave it in the kitchen, so my mother can find it. She uses these in her "toys", which i've found under her bed..... Thanks
  • fullmoon
    Can anyone tell me what is "indulging in night time spoon activity". I genuinely don't get what it means.
  • Larry L.
    @fullmoon: It refers to the hypothetical device mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

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