HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 18th August

new hukd logo Come and feast your eyes on this magnificent bunch of bargain stuff. There’s something to keep you fit, something to make you fat and something that, if you drink it, will possibly kill you. All bases are covered by us yet again.

Want more? Get over to HotUKDeals where the deals are fresher than the sweat on the back of a female tennis professional.

998087_1Up, down, left, right, starjump, starjump, STARJUMP! That’s the sound you’ll hear from Bitterwallet HQ every morning as the in-house fitness DVD plays, thanks to a contractual obligation. Fortunately, the contract is pretty flimsy and we’re obliged to ignore it if we want to.

But if you’re the type of self-loving oddball who believes in the whole ‘fitness game’, you might like to take a look at EA Sports Active 2 for the PS3. It’s been knocked down in price from £79.99 to just £8.99. Normally we’d expect that to because it’s a pile of crap, but this thing gets some pretty good reviews. STARJUMP!

kettlefoods_jpgThroughout history, many important questions have troubled the brains of mankind and his lady friend, womankind. Who is the best god? What is the best way to cut up an onion? Which are the best crisps?

Tough conundrums, especially that last one, but when it does come to choosing the best crisp, Kettle Chips must be in the top three. If you’ve never had them and fancy some of the action, you can get a multipack of five bags for only £1.00 at the moment.

998066_1Finally, who wants to see a magic trick? A magic trick that involves a 5 litre bottle of ready-mixed screenwash! Yes, we knew you would.

Head over to the WilkinsonPlus website and select the aforementioned 5 litre bottle of screenwash. It’ll show up as costing £1.97, which in itself isn’t too bad, but wait. There’s more. Fill in all the relevant boxes and get to the checkout screen and you’ll see it magically change in price – to just 49p! Plus, delivery is free to your nearest store. As Paul Daniels might have said, “Fuck me – that’s some cheap screenwash!”

(deals found by HUKD members jamiedb, robster113 and whizzkid)

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