HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 14th May

Boo! Surprised you didn't we? Yes, it’s Deals Of The Day, and today, somehow, we’ve managed to crank it out before 3pm. Astounding stuff.

As ever, here’s some of the sweetest bargains we’ve seen over at HotUKDeals over the past few hours. Tell us you love us – go on, you don’t say it as much as you used to…

We’re kicking off today with State Of Play. If you’ve seen the recent film of that name, you may or may not know that it is adapted from a TV series from a few years ago, written by Paul Abbott (Cracker, Wire In The Blood, Shameless). It is also much better than the (admittedly very good) film.

Better still, the 340-minute long DVD is available for a flimsy £2.99 – a fraction of what you paid for your cinema ticket. You truly can’t go wrong with this one folks.

Right, time for some birthdays. As Marks And Spencer celebrate their 125th anniversary of trading, they’re returning to their Penny Bazaar roots and banging out two million items at 1p each from next Wednesday in every single one of their stores.

Yes, that’s right – get there for 9am on the 20th and expect to be caught up in a rugby scrum over 20 different products including jewellery sets, beach balls, knickers, ties and socks. Huzzah for the Penny Bazaar!

Sainsburys are having a birthday too – they’re a big, strapping 140-year old company now, but they’re looking good for it. We’d say they don’t look a day over 133. Obviously, they’re marking the occasion with savings, savings and more savings.

They’ve knocked a huge range of stuff down to just £1 each – too much to mention here but the full list is over at HUKD. We’re off down there now for steak pies and baby oil. Huzzah for the Sainsbuzaar!

(deals found by Retroman, asdvj and cw9652 (who might actually be a robot with a name like that))


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