HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 14th April

hukd_logob1 Today’s bag is more mixed than a bag that’s got some cheap, high-quality jeans in it, all mixed up with some toilet roll and a mobile phone. Hang on – that’s EXACTLY what it is. Oh.

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919687_1Remember the old Levi’s advert, when the bloke from Bros went into the laundromat and threw his jeans into the washing machine with some potatoes and then wandered off with them on after he’d washed them? You know, with mashed potato spurting out of his pockets? Amazing scenes.

Now you can kind of recreate that advert for only £22.50, if you’re prepared to overlook the fact that these jeans are 553s as opposed to 501s, and that the advert itself might not have been correctly recalled by us. Anyway, what are you waiting for – they won’t be that cheap forever.

919211_1Next, a perennial favourite here on Deals Of The Day – the Orange San Francisco phone. It’s got arguably one of the crappiest names you could ever give to a phone – why not the Vienna or the Bremen or the Quebec instead? Pah.

But, where it does impress is at the checkout – it’s a pay as you go smartphone and for only £79.99 with a £10 top up thrown in from the off, it’s pretty much unbeatable. Yes, even Giant Haystacks and/or Clubber Lang would struggle against it. True dat.

919402_1With some of the imagery that we’ve conjured up over the past few paragraphs, some of you guys might be looking for a little bit of ‘alone time’ in the bathroom. We’re winking, we’re nodding, we’re winking again and you KNOW what we’re talking about.

Mop up the blood from any unsightly nicks and cuts after you’ve had that shave with a couple of squares of Cushelle toilet tissue. It used to be Charmin and they had the bear and everything but they went and ballsed all that by changing it. Still, a 16-roll pack for as little as £4.50 is ample compensation isn’t it?

(deals found by HUKD members nhskbhatia003, tryn2help and Kev`)

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