HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 13th January

hukd_logob1Today’s bestest bargains from the bargain barn that is HotUKDeals all have a musky, macho kind of odour. If you’re any kind of real man, with testosterone pumping through your veins, these should appeal to you in a big way. Now sit down, chomp on a Yorkie bar and get a load of this...

851260_1Most men can lift the average car off the ground with one hand, but if you’re a bit lacking in the strongman department, you might need a bit of assistance.

Say ‘Hola Mofo!’ to this – the humble trolley jack. Not only will it lift your motor off the deck, you can also hoist a toddler up and down on it. What’s more, it’s only £15.00. At such a low price, you might be wondering whether it’s safe or not. In all honesty, we don’t know (legal disclaimer).

851235_1Anyone remember what life was like before WD-40 was invented? No, us neither. To be honest there was probably lots of stuff all seized up all over the place, and the scrapheaps were piled high with broken shite that no one could mend.

But then the aforementioned magic liquid came along to save us and here at Bitterwallet at least, we’ve never looked back. Right now you can get a 250ml can of the beautiful mendy juice for only £1.00 as opposed to the £3.00 that it normally goes for. We’ve sent Mof out for a crate of them.

850870_1Finally, another important part of the modern man’s man-package, something that none of us can survive without, something that’s even more important on a day-to-day basis than WD-40 or a trolley jack.

Dear reader, we speak of course about baby wipes. Crucial for any man who might be looking to, erm, wipe some stuff off of, erm some other stuff. Yeah, that. Anyway, you can get a six-pack of 63 Pampers sensitive baby wipes for only £3.74, half of the regular price. You know what we’re on about fellas…

(deals found by HUKD members Tim_UK, lucerysmum and desikuri)

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